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Brand New Pelican Odyssey 100X Sit-In KayakVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017

15' KayakVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
Aqua-bound two piece kayak paddleVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
$92 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
Kayak Sprayskirt - Seals Sea Sprite 1.4Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
$123 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
Thule Kayak Stacker 830Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
$165 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
Canoe - 15ft + 2 paddles **SOLD**Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
Original 17ft Clipper canoeVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca30 May 2017
13 Foot Old Town Discover CANOE!Very Good Condition! 1 Old Town Paddle...Downingtown, PAsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
15.6ft coleman scanoe canoeNorwich, NYsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Vintage 17' Old Town canoeBellevue, WAsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Small Boat Trailer--- Easy To Register--- Good For Small Boat Up To 12...Newark, NJsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
2013 Hobie Kayak Revolution 11, EUC with Pedal Mirage Drive / Fins - $...Kathleen, GAsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
2 Cobra kayaksWoodland Hills, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Folbot Kiawah Portable Touring Kayak - Folding Frame Packable DesignPittsfield, VTsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Touring Racing Kayak sea or flat water handmade Kevlar Westside Boat s...Hudson, NYsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
White EPIC Kayak, 32 Pound flat water, 12' 6" GPX Model, Very Carefull...Gresham, ORsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Wilderness 14 foot touring Kayak Brookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Klepper Aerius 2 Folding Kayak, Skin OnlyLas Vegas, NVsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
TOURING KAYAK 17 FEET with built on foot operated RudderBrookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Wilderness Systems Pamlico Tandem Kayak with RudderWilton, CTsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Old Town Dirigo Tandem Kayak with Storage Wilton, CTsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Vintage Wood 29" Canoe Paddle Oar Feather Brand Caviness Wood Nautical...Portland, ORsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Zodiak PaddlesTarpon Springs, FLsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Canoe Kayak Dingy Boat Paddle Oars Telescoping Aluminum 37" - 55"Sicklerville, NJsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Werner Bent Shaft Fiberglass Camano Kayak Paddle 220Fallbrook, CAsvcs.ebay.com30 May 2017
Delta 14' Kayak "NEW"Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
2 NEW PADDLES FOR SALEVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
$750 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
$360 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Old Town Tripper 17 foot Royalex® Canoe in good used conditionFranklin, MAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Pyranha ProZone 230 Kayak with paddleHaltom City, TXsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
PUNGO 100 KAYAKBrookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak Necky Looksha 17ftLong Beach, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
SIT ON TOP KAYAK w/ jacket & Paddle Brookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
WILDERNESS 17 FOOT TOURING KAYAK W RUDDERBrookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Necky Kayak Gannet with RudderBrookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
2 Person Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 Tandem Kayak Brookfield, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Surfango Hawaii GT Jet KayakStafford, VAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak Paddle - Perception River PassageTiverton, RIsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Vintage Klepper Folding Kayak wood frame partRedding, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Vintage Folbot 2 PC Kayak Paddle 106" Length - Nice !!Wilton, MEsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Vintage Antique Wood beaver Brand Canoe Boat Oar Paddle Weathered Pati...Temperance, MIsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Project X 5.0 Fiberglass golf shaftFalmouth, MAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Oars Wood leather tack vintage classic 71.5 inches Smoker's BrandTraverse City, MIsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak, Fiberglass P&H Bahiya w/Deck CompassHyde Park, NYsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak, P&H Capella 169, Fiberglass, Red/Black/White, Skeg, Deck Compas...Hyde Park, NYsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
BISON Marine System Kayak or Inflatable Fish Finder & Transducer Mount...Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
80L waterproof backpackVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Old Town canoe Stillwater 12 FT with paddles 2 life jacketsNewtown, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kyak - Pelican Trailblazer 10'L x 28w YellowMadison, WIsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak Folding Feathercraft K-1 Expedition soloSaint Louis, MOsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Whitewater kayak - Wavesport StubbyVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Kayak - Necky Looksha III Kevlar Sea KayakVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
16' seawarthy expedition kayakVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
39' classic yacht with legal live-aboard moorage on Granville IslandVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
$70000 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Camping/stoves/chairs etc.Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Redtail Canoe PaddleVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
13'6" Whitewater Canoe - Dagger Genesis (Royalex)Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
14.3 ft Sailing CanoeVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca29 May 2017
Grumman 15 foot aluminum canoe in Good condition, Includes Paddles and...Bridgewater, NJsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Wood Canvas Canoe 16ft Ser # 664 St Louis ArrowheadJackson, TNsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
1948 Old Town wood canoeNorfolk, VAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
original vintage old town canoe marine finish spray paintBristol, CTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Old Town Canoe Discovery 158. 17'High Point, NCsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
wood 15 ft kayak, about 1950's home-built, fiberglass coveringJackson, TNsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Vintage Folbot 2-person kayak Truckee, CAsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
2 HOBIE MIRAGE OUTBACK KAYAKS DUNE EXTRASFindlay, OHsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
NAVAJO Brand Boat Paddle 3 FT Long VintageWashburn, MEsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Two Gray Owl Canoe Company paddlesBend, ORsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Canoe Kayak 75 Inch Paddle Blue Yellow Separates for Easy Storage Sicklerville, NJsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Necky 14.6 Manitou with skeg Barrington NH 650.00Barrington, NHsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
KAYAK SEAWARD - VISION with Rudder systemWhite Plains, NYsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
KAYAK-SEAWARD - COSMA / GRAND with Rudder systemWhite Plains, NYsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Folbot Cooper Portable Touring Kayak - Folding Frame Packable DesignPittsfield, VTsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Antique 6-1/2' Rowing Oar,Worn,Old Gray Paint,Coastal Nautical DecorHarrington, MEsvcs.ebay.com29 May 2017
Kayak - hand made wooden 17 feet longVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Kayak Gear - HelmetVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Kayak spray skirt - size XL - Brooks Paddle GearVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
$325 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Delta 14' Thermoformed Kayak "NEW"Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Elements Advanced Frame 2 infatable kayakVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
random Outdoor gear and climbing gearVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Swim and Scuba gearVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
$5 Vancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
17 FOOT CLIPPER CANOE - TRIPPER MODELVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
16 Foot FG Canoe Like NewVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
15 Foot Coleman Canoe with paddles and Life jacketsVancouver, Canadavancouver.en.craigslist.ca28 May 2017
Grumman Square Stern 16 foot Canoe Marathon Boat Group Carriere, MSsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
16 foot Canoe, Stillwater by Old TownLong Beach, CAsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
Cane Canoe Sailing Seat And Mast StepWaverly, NEsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
Klepper Aerius 2 PartLas Vegas, NVsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
two single person kayaks Clearwater Mist 8.6 paddles and life jacketsOrlando, FLsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
Werner Bent Shaft Fiberglass Camano Kayak Paddle 240Westport, MAsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
Werner Bent Shaft Fiberglass Camano Kayak Paddle 220Westport, MAsvcs.ebay.com28 May 2017
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