Future of PaddleSwap

The only constant is change. While there have been a lack of changes in the layout and features of PaddleSwap over the past couple years, expect some new changes to be rolling out gradually in the near term.  To help with that, one of the first changes was ditching the old news and article sections of PaddleSwap in favor of this blog. Love something? Hate something? Just want to voice an opinion or wish? Let me know here.

The goal for every change is simply to aid the paddling community and help promote any activity that gets people out on the water with a paddle in hand. So far, that’s primarily been through searching and listing used gear, but I have no intention of limited this site to just that. The “Swap” of PaddleSwap, to me, means as much about people coming together to swap information, stories, or advice, as much as it means swapping gear. ┬áThat said, we do not need another paddling forum on the web, and I hope to think a bit “outside of the box” when it comes to new ways of “swapping”.

Till then, enjoy the site, and then get off the computer long enough to get out on the water!

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