About PaddleSwap

This site is the direct result of a fellow paddler's frustrations with surfing eBay, Craigslist, and the various paddling forums trying to list/find used paddling boats/gear. It might seem counterproductive to introduce yet another web site for listing used gear, but it is my hope that PaddleSwap solves more problems than it creates, while still giving people the flexibility to easily share the information they input into PaddleSwap wherever they wish on the web.

PaddleSwap is a new web site allowing paddlers to swap used boats/gear more efficiently than the numerous scattered forums that exist across the web. To do that, PaddleSwap uses Google maps to display listing locations anywhere you choose, not just by state or larger cities. Locations are entered via a US zip code, or point-n-click your location (lat/lon location) via an interactive map. Of course, listing on PaddleSwap is preferred, but with every keyword or geographic search, PaddleSwap will also display as many likely matches to listings found on other popular websites.

Another unique feature of PaddleSwap not found elsewhere is the ability to create an "alert", which is a set of criteria (ex. Price, Make, general location radius, etc.) and whenever a listing is posted matching your criteria, you receive an email or text message alerting you to that listing or group of listings. This frees up paddlers from having to hover over various forums looking for listings or post "Wanted" listings on forums. Why should any paddler miss a listing because you were out paddling? (this assumes you have cell phone coverage, of course — I wish I could claim that viewing PaddleSwap daily somehow turned trees into cell-phone relay stations, thus boosted your coverage, but alas, it does not)

For those that have a larger inventory of boats, PaddleSwap offers various features to help manage those listings. A single url/link can be used to refer to all your listings on PaddleSwap, and those users that own a web site, with a little snip of HTML code, a data feed of all current listings can be displayed on your existing web page. Listings on your page are automatically updated to include all of your active PaddleSwap listings.

Various other features exist to help search with various criteria, post comments, advertise certain listings, and sift listings according to likely uses such as Racing, Fishing, Touring, Recreational, etc.

Accounts are required to create a listing or an alert, but sign-up is FREE.

To than end, I encourage anyone who has ideas or suggestions to make PaddleSwap better, to shoot me (Kevin Turner) an email at feedback@paddleswap.com. I have a lot of additional ideas I personally think would be great, but only want to spend time on them or others if people find PaddleSwap useful. Showing your support is as easy as signing up. Additionally, since this web site is brand spankin new, I would encourage anyone who finds what they believe to be a bug, to submit it to support@paddleswap.com as well.

— Kevin Turner, Owner


Here are a few common questions about PaddleSwap and their answers:


  1. Do you charge to list a boat?
  2. Why doesn't PaddleSwap manage the sale like, say, Ebay?
  3. Why can't I adjust the price of an existing listing higher than my original price?
  4. I am listing a boat that I don't see a manufacturer for, what should I do?
  5. If I want to link to a listing, what is the url or address for a particular listing?
  6. Can I get a link or url that points to all my for-sale listings?


  1. If an email address is required to register, is it kept private?
  2. How does an email, or text message alert work?


  1. Do I have to register for an account to search listings?
  2. Why won't the keyword search find listings with keywords I entered?
  3. Can I advertise on PaddleSwap?